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Larger Work
I started sculpting using the shapes formed by nature that I found in the driftwood that I collected on the beaches.

Influenced by my classical schooling and my marital state I then moved on to work reflecting the theme of Mother, Child, Family.
In the period thereafter mainly the female nude inspired me. Standing, reclining, sitting women: every attitude and movement was a new discovery.
In a next stage abstraction made its entry: tangible, palpable shapes were the goal. Soft curves, organic volumes. My garden was one of the sources of inspiration.
The mission to make a Monument to commemorate all the Jewish people from Wageningen and surroundings that had perished during the Second World War completely changed my outlook on life and art.
People on their way, with unknown destination, fleeing, groping, astray, in a group or in a twosome, moving on foot or carried on wings.
Where would they land and settle down, if ever? That became the leading question in my work.
Unfortunately still a problem that is far too current, but also one that has been with us since times immemorial …
But one cannot only reflect sadness alone, there are also happier and more down to earth aspects of human behaviour one can notice every day.
That is where my anecdotal inspiration has come from, leading to sculptures that are like enactments of what I see around me, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always understandable even when experimenting with the limits of 3 dimensional creation.
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