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I cannot deny being a child of the 2nd world war. Even though I was a very young child at the time its impact has influenced my life as it did for all people my age.
The experience was mixed though: tragedy and happiness vied for control every day and I have the fondest memories of my stay in Scotland.

Returning to the continent after the war, the various schools in Holland and Belgium did not contribute much in helping me to choose a vocation.
But, on my 20th I got the opportunity to stay a year with family in the USA. The stimulating environment in Berkeley and especially the classes of Prof. Benesj in which I learned to really appreciate art and had my earliest start in driftwood carving and ceramics, changed my whole life.

Returning to Europe my schooling started in earnest: after a brief stint at the Grande Chaumière in Paris (where Zadkine taught), I started following sculpture classes at the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp, where Strebelle was one of the teachers.
After I married I finished my schooling at the Free Academy in the Hague.

From my original - autodidactic - work in wood, through classical stages in plaster, clay and stone; the sculptures have evolved into semi-abstract creations with bronze as their main material.

The sculptural shapes I use are markedly pure and as simple as possible and many of them are amenable to tactile exploration.

I had the honor and the pleasure to exhibit countless times in the Netherlands and also in Belgium, mostly in galeries but sometimes in musea and artist cooperatives as well.

Recently I also started painting with great pleasure and have again taken up the puppet making that I enjoyed in the eighties.

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