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In a crowded country, like ours, a child has very few opportunities left for inventive playing.

Unfortunately the actual possibilities for play and fantasy are (too) often far from home, become sombre and gloomy in a wet climate, leave little to the imagination and do not appeal to the child's innate feeling for art and beauty.

The basic ideas driving my play-objects are to bring a cheerful note in an otherwise dull neighbourhood and to stimulate the imagination and sense of adventure in its youthful users.

Art especially made for kids. Art they are allowed to touch, climb up, creep in and become a part of.

Depending on the size and type of use the play-objects are either made of glass reinforced polyester or ferrocement, based on a life size model with a polystyrene core and an outer layer of smooth plaster. The final object is finished with a weather- and scratch resistant layer in vivid colours.

The sudden increase in strictness of the Dutch safety requirements for playground objects resulted in cancellation of these projects.

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